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"Finally, dangerous gas detectors
you can afford to own"

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At last!  Portable gas monitors that are easy to use, easy to maintain, can be stored until needed and are so affordable to own they can be in all the hands that need them.

No Calibration Necessary!
That’s right. Five years of warranted use without needing to calibrate. If the calibration should wander in that five years we will replace your sensor without charge. AGS™ technology eliminates the chemicals that deplete and all moving parts that wear. The result is a very stable monitor and the industries first five year warranty.

No routine bump testing!
The airspace monitors constantly update a status check of the electronics and the sensor. You will see an electronics issue by a red status light and a contamination issue by a reading that doesn’t make sense. AGS™ technology allows you to know if you have an issue with your monitor, offering the industries first portable monitor that fails safe. Previous technology requires constant bump testing since it is the only way to look at the sensors function.

Five years of warrantied use!
Every part of the box, including the sensor is warranted for five years use.

Those features dramatically reduce your costs – and liability!
This chart illustrates those dramatically reduced costs. The numbers are real, given to us by customers who previously owned similar but electro chemical sensor based equipment. To make the charts easier, we’ve ignored the cost of purchase. This is just a comparison of the cost of owning the equipment for five years. We’ve even included the cost of our bump test kit which most of our customers do not buy. Checking an Airspace monitor can be as simple as placing it in a plastic bag with a couple of small holes to allow the CO mix to replace the ambient air in the bag – and it’s done as an extra precaution. Unlike other technologies, our handbook does not demand routine bump testing.


5 Year Cost of Ownership Comparison


*Assumes 1 LPM flowing for 3.5 minutes, calibrating once a month.
** Some competitive equipment requires expensive NiCad or NiMh battery replacement and disposal.

We now offer HCN Detectors Too!

Smoke and gases generated in today’s fires are more dangerous than they’ve ever been. Thankfully more knowledge and better equipment can help us deal with that increased danger.

Read our white paper on HCN and CO in Firefighting and EMS (PDF) to gain insight on the effects of these gases in an emergency response incident. For product information on our NEW solid state Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Detector you can download our Airspace HCN Flyer (PDF).

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